Maintenance Packages

For all landlords, property managers and small companies – if you think you are going to require maintenance repair work on a fairly frequent basis, then can make a saving on our standard rates by choosing one of the three packages below, representing savings between 12-20%

£995 + VAT (£1,195)

(20% discount on labour charges)

£695 + VAT (£834)

(16% discount on labour charges)

£350 + VAT (£420)

(12% discount on labour charges)

This is how it works

Pre-pay one of the above amounts (like an ‘on-account’ payment) and in return receive the specified discount on any future call-outs until your ‘on-account’ pot is empty. At this point you can decide if you wish to top-up to continue receiving the applicable discount. Dependent on your requirements, you can buy the package that suits your particular needs best. For example, if you have purchased ‘Silver’ then you now have £834 (incl. VAT) in your pot. Let’s say you have a problem in your shop or commercial premises and require an electrician to fix this. The electrician attends and spends 1.5 hours on site and £15+VAT materials.

Your invoice breakdown would now look like this:

Labour £135 (£162)
Materials £15 (£18)
Total £150 (£180)
Less 16% discount on labour £22 (£26)
New grand total £129 (£155)
On account deduction for labour £115 (136)
(taken from pot of £834 leaving £698)
Balance now due £15 (£18)
(which needs to be settled separately)

Which bundle should I choose?

If you work on the basis that you may require the following reactive maintenance for your premises over 12 months (only factoring in labour charges), then you can approximate what you need.

Gas Safety Certificate = £90+VAT
Plumber (wet) call-out of 1.5 hours = £120+VAT
Handyman rate 2-hour call-out = £115+VAT
Electrician –call-out (1 hour) = £90+VAT
Total labour charge
(without a package) for the year
£415+VAT = £498
Total labour charge
(with ‘silver’ = 16% disc) for the year
£348.60+VAT = £418.30…nearly £80 saving.
Your on-account balance £834 less £418.32 = £415.68

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